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The biggest benefit of onsite training.

  • You get a choice of dates and times to suit you including Saturdays and Sundays.

  • And, with Sign Academy, you can split your course over a couple of weeks, so you don’t have to lose staff for a day.

  • Picking onsite training means you get the training you need at a time convenient for you.

  • Your employees don't leave the office or workshop

  • It's customizable

  • It’s designed to fit the goals important to you and it produces immediate and measurable results.

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Safer Working Practices

Following on from the previous point…


Receiving practical, simple to follow advice which is relevant to your situation makes employees safer at work


So, you’ll see a boost in productivity and a reduction in days off through illness and injury.


A win-win for you and your team.




(A Minimum of 2 Participants Required)

Open Health and Safety Discussions

As a manager, it can be hard to spot every single hazard in a working environment.

So, talking to your team is greatly advised.


But, without training, they maybe unsure about the risks they currently face.

Group training gives both employees and managers the chance to think and reflect on issues faced in their everyday working environment.


Which they can discuss with the trainer and take any advice given back into their day-to-day activities.


In the end: Open streams of communication will lead to safer working environments.

We require the following from Clients who request On Site Training to be provided at their premises:


  • To arrange and pay for return travel from Cape Town to your site, and accomodation for the duration of our Trainers stay over.

  • Pick up and Drop off at Airport.

  • Daily Pick up and Drop off between place of stay and your Site.

  • Client to provide materials & tools required for training purposes

         ( List to be provided by SASA )

5 Benefits of Sign Academy's On Site Training Courses

Adaptable Courses:

With onsite training, you train in the environment your team work in on a day-to-day basis.


Therefore, each course is adapted to your environment; your team; everyday tasks being conducted and common problems faced by employees and managers.


The result?

A well-trained workforce who have the knowledge to work safely in their environment

Cost Effective Team Training

All these benefits must come at a cost. At least, more so than sending staff on open courses?


Not necessarily.

In fact, it can work out cheaper for larger groups.

Over a certain number, you’ll start seeing the savings.


And, for smaller teams? Well, the added flexibility might be worth the slight increase in price